Have you as
a teacher spent several hours in finding hyperlinks on issues, for your next

Are you
afraid to look up pupils questions on web browser during a lesson? Afraid that:

browser will take you anywhere but your aim.

browser will show up with goals that belong among your worst nightmares.

goals are among those fantasies that you are not supposed to share with your

that your goals are illegal.

What if we
teachers together build a database of hyperlinks for use in education?
Hyperlinks with tags that made them easily to sort by subject, level or type of

tagged with name of publisher, this would may be quote for a quality mark.

Not a Wiki
just a link to existing recourses on the web. We do not have to reinvent the wheel
just collect secure definitive and reliable links. Collect links that make god
resources accessible to everybody.

March 2012:
I have lately, been directed to this web-based tool: Delicious which for me
seems to meet my questions in this post. So follow my link and try it out!

August 2012: Delicius is
changed radically, in a way I disapprove. I therefore ended my use of Delicius
as my tool, and I don’t approve it to others . But of source if any one like it
and find a new aspect in it I’l be glad to take another look.