When it
comes to learning what a interactive boards could be used for, the easiest way
is to use one. But this is not in the reach for everybody. A few years ago I
discovered a project that was called “Wiimote” It is based on the possibilities
that a Nintendo Wii controller opens, beside its main issue, controlling Wii
based game console.

The Wii controller
consist of one infrared camera and a Bluetooth communications interface. By
connecting the Wii controller to your PC thru the Bluetooth interface, your PC
get signals of the infrared picture from the Wii controller. By using a little
application called Wiimote the infrared image from the Wii controller is interpolated
with your screen image. You then use one infrared torch to project one infrared
point/dot on this image. The Wiimote application will make the infrared dot act
like your pointing device. Voila! You have an interactive board on any surface
you project your desktop to! But You will find much more about this on Johnny Chung Lee – Human Computer
Interaction Research
under the banner:”Low-Cost Multi-point Interactive Whiteboards Using the Wiimote”

October 2012

Today I
found that The Wiimote Project has taken it a bit further.
They have made some new applications, which as far as I can see, makes it comparable
to Smart Board and e-instructions. Especially when you consider
the cost, the applications from Wiimote Projects becomes interesting. They have
now IR-pens for purchase. You can get it all from the Web shop at a reasonable
cost of about $130.- Or you
could download free software, built your own IR-Pen and purchase the controller
at your local dealer. smiley