NDLA is a cooperative project of all Norwegian counties
except of Oslo. Their achievement is to produce or make learning recourses accessible
on the www to all Norwegian students in high- and vocational- school system.
They have introduced a new tool called “Arena
which I think is meeting my call, in this blog quiet accurately. The only nag
about it is that it so far is only in Norwegian. So I am sorry for other
students in my ITC-class who do not read Norwegian. NDLA and Arena is not for
you! And do not trust google translate, many Norwegian words have double or triple
meaning, and they are not equivalent with the English synonyms.

For those of you who have
broken the Norwegian language crypt the Arena
site is only accessible by logging in with your id by Facebook, Twitter or
other social media account. If you want to try it. You just log in to your social media
account in one tag in your browser, and then in one other tag open the arena. Then click on the “log inn” text, at the top banner, and you shold be inside.