The Data
retention directive
is adopted to Norway. On the 5th April, Norwegian
parliament voted 89 for and 80 against it. Those who voted for the directive, today experiences attack and threats
groups who are against, which does not show any
democratic skills from the resistant part.

But is the
effect of the directive like shooting sparrows with canons? When you have a little
knowledge in how data files are transferred around the www.

How Internet Traffic Works:

//–> You know that files are divided
into small packages and each pack not necessarily routed the same way from host
to transceiver. The directive, directs the ISP to save the host and transceiver ip-adress of
each packages in a record. It sounds like a big puzzle to reconstruct what
files whom have received and from where. But this is what computers are god at
so I guess it will not make a problem.

How the Internet sees yo:


what activities most ISPs see you doing on the Internet

From the

27th Chaos Communication Congress


But does the retented collection of data tracks,
nail the bad and does not affect us?

Is the
implementation a part of the American war against

Total freedomnet:

the film was solely created to support the cause of “Declaration 29” presented to the European Parlament by the MEP Tiziano Motti.<!–

Do the Americans make it to dramatic? And do the Americans see
the causalities after their war act. And why could they not see why Europeans have second thoughts
about the directive.

What turns
people in to terrorism, how do they
become terrorists and why. Are they born evil or do they carry
experiences they do not manage to express. May our cultural imperialism be so
overwhelming that local cultures are drowned. May their terrorism be an gasp
for air as our culture are flooding them as one tsunami? What
if we have shown a little modesty in our cultural imperialism?

How and
when is European community going to evaluate the directive. And how long will it
take to implement “improvements “ after evaluation?

On the
other side of this subject, what if criminals get hold of saved records, could
they use it for their benefit and our ruin?

And what if
terrorists get hold of the records could they use it to harm our society?

And finally
what if the ISP became bankrupt, who are taking care of the retained