What would
modern society be without comunication? When I grew up we ran to our neighbours
with mesages cause they had no phone! And news was either told in the
cornershop or we heard it on the radio. As I become adult I remember one of my
friends had a mobile phone, and we thought it was funny to ask him where he was
when we talked to him on the phone. To day we have no idea of where the person
on the other end is we presume that she or he, is somwhere near sivilisation,
but they may as well sit or stand, next to you or me, or will they? I think
this Wideo from Mojave phone booth in America shows

The Last Visitors to the Mojave Desert Phone Booth:<!–

In thirty
years there has been a quantum leap in both technical communication, and our culture
of communication. The digitalisation of data and the development of broadband/ wireless
broadband technology has opened digital communication to nearly everyone. At a affordable
cost. With a computer attached to internet and the software Skype you can be in
contact with any other computer around the world for free, and you may also
call any telephone around the world at a very low rate.

Skype very popular among students!

uses Skype’s file transmission ability to share files, documents and answers in
study and during test/exams!

Sharing Good, Not Sharing BAAAD<!–

Policy in choosing friends on Facebook?

Thru the
ITC technic, we have got social media like Facebook and other bulletin boards. In
Facebook we expect our friends to be up to date on every news on us. And many
people share every part of their life’s on social media. People share their ups and downs. Have
Facebook become ICT-worlds corner shop with gossip of the good and bad kind?

15 things you should never do on Facebook

I myself
tries to have a restrictive policy on what I write on Facebook, and who I make
friends with. I find it useful to keep contact with people I do not meet every
day, people who live a long distance from me. I have had questions from pupils
who want me as a Facebook friend. But I do not want them into my privacy. To
keep up authority among your pupils it might not be wise to involve them to
every part of your life. I therefore started a new face book identity and
connected it to my work-mail. I made a group for my students to discuss professional
issues. But they did not want me either into their private sphere. They had the
same arguments that I had. They so no reason to start one new identity on Facebook either, They preferred to use those asymmetrical communications tools that
is present in our LMS, fronter.

My very lonely profesional facebook account:

On the
other hand I do have my grown up stepson and some of his friends among my
friends on Facebook. Is that OK?

Try the podcast at this link: Being Facebook
friends with child may hinder successful transition to college

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